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AeroShell Fluid 31 1US gallon

  • Manufacturer: Aeroshell 
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    AeroShell Fluid 31 1US gallon

    AeroShell Fluid 31 has a specially designed base stock which imparts a relatively high flash point, excellent low temperature properties and good oxidation and thermal stability. In addition, AeroShell Fluid 31 is formulated with high technology additives to provide oxidation and corrosion resistance, antiwear, and anti-foaming protection. 

    AeroShell Fluid 31 is superclean filtered to ensure optimum performance in particulate monitored systems. AeroShell Fluid 31 is dyed red. The useful operating temperature range is 40 to +205°C.


    • Synthetic hydrocarbon based aircraft hydraulic fluid
    • Improved fire resistance characteristics
    • Good oxidation & thermal stability
    • Anti-foaming protection
    • Provides excellent corrosion resistance
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