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LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant 379ml

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    LPS 1 Greaseless Lubricant 379ml

    Product Information

    It displaces moisture and is excellent at drying out electrical/electronic components. As a penetrating lubricant, LPS 1 loosens rusted and frozen parts while providing a light corrosion resistant barrier that gives short term protection.

    LPS 1 contains ingredients which dissolve and remove greases and oils from parts and equipment. LPS 1 does not contain any harmful chlorinated solvents, making it safe to use on rubber, paint and plastics. LPS 1 uses nonflammable carbon dioxide as the propellant. The fine lubricant that penetrates, dries fast and will not attract dust or dirt.


    • Provides a dry, thin lubricating film
    • Dries fast and resists oil, dust and dirt build-up
    • Fast acting penetration Displaces moisture
    • Loosens rusted or frozen parts
    • Provides short term light corrosion resistant barrier
    • Nonconductive Ideal for delicate mechanisms Used worldwide in aviation
    • Safe on paint and most plastics Inverta
    • Spray Valve allows one to spray in an upright or inverted position


    • LPS 1
    • Greaseless Lubricant
    • 379ml 
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